Workshops in Schools & Colleges :

As the member of International Dance Council – CID, UNESCO, it is our duty to take dance to every nook and corner of the city, country and initiate children into dance from childhood, recognizing its universal character as an art form, as a means of education and as a research subject.

Corporate Workshops :

These workshops are designed to use creativity to enhance productivity. Using movement expression, communication is built to harmonise the body, mind and soul.

For NGOs and the community :

We believe that creativity and movement can improve the quality of everyday living. With this premise in mind, we deal with issues like sensitivity, awareness and spark dialogue about issues like changes, gender, HIV and sustainable development.

Movement workshops for non dancers :

Dance is a natural progression of everyday movement and training provides us the insight to understand and develop these as a powerful tool of expression. So, for the untrained dancer, our workshops orient them to various movement disciplines and let them improvise with these to find their own conduit of expression.

For Students :

At Devmudraa we provide long term and short term training in classical Bharata Natyam & Kuchipudi along with exposure to Folk and contemporary Indian dance, choreography for specific projects.

Lecture demonstrations :

Orientation to dance, dances of India, evolution of contemporary dance and the importance of dance in today’s social framework are also dealt with, along with commissioned workshops.

Monthly Lecture-demonstration & Festival series :

To enhance creative dialogue within community, these lectures are an ongoing exchange of ideas where we invite experts from the fields of dance, theatre, visual arts and the sciences.

Healing/Creativity/Movement workshop/Classes for women :

Exclusive movement classes for women. These movement sessions will be an amalgam of Yoga, Folk, Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi , Contemporary dance and creative movement improvisations, aimed at what every woman wants & needs but somehow never finds the time for…Fitness, stress release, acknowledging her strength/ stamina as well as her feminity, being creative and dancing.

Courses Conducted

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