Welcome to Devmudraa – a movement school.

It is said when you are happy, you sing and when you are happier, you dance.

Dance gives sublime pleasure to the performer and the beholder. It’s like a flower in the garden; it’s dancing on the wind just not for its own but to please others.

Let us be that flower and fill this world with little happiness.

Natya is the fifth veda, it is an activity which involves complete body. It is the only activity which involves the complete body as a being.

Traditionally Indian classical dance and folk dances are full of energy and vitality. These dance forms are not mere stress busters but potent tools of regaining vital energy and spiritual solace.

It is recognized today as total dance, let us strive to hone the finer skills of this physical, mental and spiritual endeavour.

-V Soumyasree

From the Director’s Desk

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