Devmudraa Trust has its own successful and widely appreciated productions that are presented at various festivals and as standalone performances.

Vithal Tukyacha 2014

Vithal Tukyacha is a unique dance drama on the life of Saint Tukaram and his writings. It is first time ...
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‘SHE’ from Three Earths

This dance theatre production focuses on issues related to women, farmers and Mother Earth. We are showcasing the first segment: ...
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Three Earths

A dance theatre ensemble 'Three Earths' based on the current events/exploitations in a common woman/man's life, which just remains a ...
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Vithal Tukyacha 2012

New Dance production "Vithal Tukyacha" by Devmudraa. Concept & Director- R D Pawar. Choreography - V Soumyasree. Performance by V ...
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Bharat Saptak

On February 15th, 2008, Devmudra presented 'Bharat Saptak', a Bharata Natyam recital of her students and Devmudra's first dance theatre ...
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