Samskriti : Workshops for School Children in Indian Classical Dance Tradition

These are series of dance workshops in Indian dance for the first time in Aurangabad and Marathawada when the market is flooded with so called western / film dance courses and workshops. It is the need of the hour to emphasise on Indian dance, be it Classical or Folk, and specially on Indian Culture.

The workshops range from Introductory dance sessions to Intensive training sessions. Indian Classical dance forms have rich repertoire of physical graceful movements for young as well as the old. This treasure handed over to us by our age old rich heritage and culture can add great amount of dexterity to our daily life. We don’t need to pretend once it goes into the body, body starts obeying the commands. These are well researched scientific and body friendly movements. They help our body to use the movements with economy and put them to optimum use.One can start any day, sooner the better. It adds value to our being.

The 12 hours long workshop is specially designed in different groups understanding the level and exposure of the participant’s interest and knowledge making the experience interesting and enjoyable.The participants will be exposed to all kinds of Indian dances and information will be given through multimedia projections not only in dance but Indian culture as well thus making this festival season special and memorable for all.The organizers / students can choose to divide 12 hours in 6, 5, 4 or 3 days according to their school/organisation schedule and convenience.

Introductory Dance Sessions :

1. Open to all from the age group 5 to 11yrs of age, no background of dance is necessary. The sessions will consist of one and half hour long lessons for eight days resulting in an informal performance.

2. Open to students from the 12 and above, no knowledge of dance or experience necessary. Even the dance teachers and and those interested can participate, no upper age limit.

Note : These above workshops are designed to give you a very brief idea about the Indian culture and role of Indian dance in our society.

Brief Description of the Dance Activity in the workshop :

  • An opportunity for all the school students to get acquainted with our country’s diverse culture and performing arts
  • Introduction to all our Classical and folk dances of India, through Lecture and pictures/ multi media presentations
  • Questionnaire will be given to children in the subject of Indian culture and Arts in different art forms.
  • Hasta Mudras (Hand Gestures)according to dance treatise- Abhinaya Darpanam will be taught which are useful not only for Classical dance and also for all types of dances
  • Basic stances and steps of Bharata Natyam & Kuchipudi and the difference between the two styles, introduction to the basic stance and recognistion of all Indian classical dance forms
  • One folk dance will be taught
  • Rhythm (Tala) and their application
  • Introduction to Nava Rasa ( the basic nine sentiments)
  • Certificate of participation will be given to the participants
  • Performance (informal) of all the participants at the end of the workshop

Requirement and Rules :

  • This is a venture of Devmudraa – a movement school to spread the art of dance and the awareness of the art form as a vocation.
  • As the member of International Dance Council – CID, UNESCO, it is Devmudraa’s duty to take dance to every nook and corner of the city, country and initiate children into dance from childhood, recognizing its universal character as an art form, as a means of education and as a research subject.
  • A small amount as Registration fee will be charged as part of the expenses for the workshop, Rs. 300/- from each student.
  • A huge hall will be required with Television and DVD Player and the music system.
  • Participants should be dressed in either shalwar-kameez or school track suits, comfortable exercise clothes.
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