The nature of classical dances in India is universal in nature – as universal as a human body or emotion can be. Descriptions like: “Brahma created dance or Siva is the cosmic dancer” give us an idea of the origin in creation itself.

It has a universal movement repertoire that exists at the bottom line of all dance forms. Life is its source. Many young people who are interested in dance are attracted to film and so called western dances, thanks to so many dance shows on television.

It is a matter of concern and shame that not one show on any mainstream channel is dedicated to Indian dance which is part of our culture, a way of life, a type of worship.

When we think of dance as a career, the first thing that comes to mind is about performing. But there are a wide variety of jobs that are connected to dance in some way. So there are many opportunities within the dance sector.

The main ones are performing, teaching, choreography, community dance and administration/management. However, there are many other types of jobs related to dance in areas such as costume, technical aspects of theatre, journalism, therapy and notation.

It is also important to remember that there is a rich variety of dance styles in the professional dance world including classical dance, ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance in musicals, folk dance, street dance and they all appear on television, in videos as well as live in theatres.

One of the most important elements though for a successful career in dance is commitment and determination to succeed. Most fields in dance are highly competitive and often just being talented is not enough. You need a thorough training, to know how to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments, be healthy and highly motivated. However, there is lot of work for well trained professionals and good dance graduates in present times.

So come forward and take up dance either as a hobby or a vocation, it will make you happy and physically fit. Dance was considered so important in Vedic times that it is mentioned as

||Vinatu nritya shastrena chitrasutram sudurvidham|| – Vishnuoddharamottara Purana

{Without the knowledge of the science of dance, the other plastic arts cannot be comprehended}

Dance as a career and vocation

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